About Us


Our Mission

The mission of Discovery Charter Preparatory School is to expand access to higher education. We provide the skills students of all achievement levels will need to reach their highest academic potential.

Our Vision

We, the faculty, staff, and stakeholders of Discovery Charter Preparatory School envision a safe and nurturing learning environment in which instruction is rigorous and meaningful. We are dedicated to closing the achievement gap for our students by providing them with supportive, individualized attention and high expectations for academic success. We believe that every student can overcome obstacles and make college a reality.


Expected School Wide Learning Results

Every student who graduates from Discovery Charter Preparatory School will be:

Effective Communicators

Critical Thinkers

Responsible Individuals

Gear Up at Discovery Prep

The GEAR UP program at Discovery Prep currently serves the Class of 2020 (all incoming 9th graders). We are committed to working with these same students for the next 5-6 years until their first year of college. Our goal is to improve the academic performance and retention of these scholars and to increase the college-going rates of students from the San Fernando community.

In order to achieve this, GEAR UP staff is working with teachers, administrators, and parents to help build a college-going culture at Discovery Charter Preparatory School and throughout the community. GEAR UP will provide students with the social and academic support they need to turn their college dreams into a reality. We promote success by offering a combination of academic support services, professional development opportunities for school staff, and family programming. Through this collaborative effort, we hope to encourage and build a college bound culture throughout our students’ middle and high school experience.

GEAR UP strives to ensure that all scholars have the educational opportunities, knowledge, and resources they need on their road to higher education. By participating in GEAR UP, students will gain a better understanding about college, become more competitive applicants, and be guided throughout the college admissions process.