Cinco de Mayo Culture Day – May 3, 2024

🎉🇲🇽 Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Discovery Prep! 🇲🇽🎉

Today, we embrace the vibrant traditions of Cinco de Mayo with a festive twist — join us for a fun-filled game of Lotería! This traditional Mexican game of chance is a wonderful way to engage with the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. Gather at the Front Lawn during lunch to play, win prizes, and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Let’s come together to celebrate the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, learn more about its history, and enjoy a day filled with cultural appreciation and community fun. See you there!

A huge shout out to the Spanish Club and Mrs. Heman for putting this together!

#CincoDeMayoAtDP #LoteríaFun #CulturalCelebration 🎶🌼