Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

There are plenty of interesting and challenging clubs to join at Discovery Charter Preparatory School. The Anime Club, Cheer Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Drone Club,
Hiking Club, Fitness Club, Garden Club, Japanese Club, Korean Culture Club, LGTBQ Club, and Robotics Club, Self-Care Club are currently drawing students to artistic, athletic, creative and political pursuits.

Anime Club

Anime club meets weekly to watch two episodes as a group. In the past we have watched shows such as: The Devil is a Part Timer, Toradora!, and more! Currently we are working our way through Trigun and Re:Zero.

Cheer Club

Students will work together alongside Raquel Salcedo to come up with the choreography for the dance and cheer routines that will be performed in front of the school. The club will focus on fitness and also to responsibility of each individual to effectively run the club. The cheer club runs Monday-Friday.

Dungeons and Dragons

This is a new club with a great group of students. DM’d by Naomi Woody, students are going on a marvelous campaign full of danger behind every corner.

Hiking Club

Hiking Club encourages kids to get out there and see what nature has to offer we hike every other Friday and when possible Saturday mornings.

Drone Club

The newest addition to the YPI clubs is the Drone Club. Students will learn to fly the drone and record their very own films and take pictures. The drone will mostly be used on campus with an occasional trip to our local community park (Veterans Park). The students are in charge of generating a vision and the YPI staff will help bring the vision to life with their own short films. Drone Club will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Korean Culture Club

Members from grades 9-12 are given the opportunity to meet new people from different grade levels and gain experience working with fellow members, while indulging in the Korean culture, learning Korean language and experiencing traditional Korean cuisine. YUM! Activities focusing on their language , food, traditions and Fine Arts, such as: art, music, acting and dance. Come join in having fun learning and experiencing the fantastic Korean culture together.

Fitness Club

Students condition to prep for an upcoming sport and or to improve overall fitness with Christian Dave. Christian focuses on groups of students at once in order to create a personalized workout routine. The Fitness club runs Monday-Friday upon the request of the students.

Garden Club

The purpose of the ” DP’s Garden Club” is to introduce gardening, conservation, protection of wildlife, recognition. In addition this club aims to create love and appreciation of nature. The Goal is that our students will be future citizens who will be responsible and capable with greater self-expression, dignity, integrity and knowledge of their environment.


The LGTBQ Alliance meets once a week, this a safe and confidential space where students can feel free to be themselves. Students are provided with tools and resources they need to be successful in their daily lives. The group collaborates and discusses ideas to bring awareness to the LGTBQ community at Discovery Preparatory Charter High School.


Students will learn with Mariah Duque the many forms of self-care that can made from everyday items in their kitchen. The purpose of the club is to remind students that through the chaos that can unfold while finishing their last years of high school, self-care is crucial for hygiene and mental wellness. Not only is self-care inexpensive but it can also keep them at ease during the stress that comes with being an adult who may or may not be attending college and working. Self-Care club will be held Wednesdays and Fridays

Japanese Club

Japanese club meets once a week to learn beginner’s Japanese. Students started with learning the Hiragana alphabet, introducing each other, and learning their numbers.


YPI staff will alternate running one of our new clubs, The Robotics Club. In the club students will build a new robotics model weekly and get to see firsthand the mechanics behind the model. The club will run every Wednesday of the week.